Building Rental

To rent one or more of these spaces listed below, please fill out the Use of Space Request Form.

Available rental space: 

Gym ($40/hr): equipped for group exercise, games, and other physical exercise as well as large party spaces for weddings, reunions, festivals, and other events. The gym has two mounted basketball hoops that can be folded up to make more space as well as other sports equipment including balls and cones available upon request. 

Cafeteria ($40/hr): suitable for large group meetings and meals. It can also be used as a reception or waiting area for larger group activities held in the gym. The cafeteria has several long tables that can sit 6-8 people each. For more information about renting out space and utilities in our industrial kitchen, please call 502-366-7813 with details about your request. 

Library ($30/hr): suitable for smaller groups celebrating birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, and other events. The library can also be used for meetings and has several round tables that sit 4-6 people each. 

Classrooms ($25/hr): suitable to host classes, meetings, info sessions, and workshops. There are multiple seating setup options (lecture style, U-shape, small group break-out stations) available varying by classroom. 

Our building has a secure Wi-Fi network that extends into the above areas.

Soccer Field ($25/hr): available throughout the year for baseball, softball, kickball, field hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, and other outdoor sports. The soccer field has bleachers for spectators and is available to the general public for games and practices. However, group leagues and tournaments must rent in advance to secure the space.