College and Career Readiness Lesson Plans

The following are some ideas for lesson plans for middle- and high-school students that at least attempt to be interactive, engaging, and fun.  Feel free to use them as you would like!

Financial Aid Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan: Use this lesson plan to introduce students to different types of financial aid through a fun scavenger hunt.  All of the necessary materials are below.

Finding Scholarships Lesson Plan: This lesson plan specifically focuses on places to find scholarships–and it is a good math review!

Grudgeball Game: A shout out to the blog “To Engage Them All” by Kara Wilkins for the concept of this game.  It’s a fun way to review information related to college and career readiness.

Dreams and Goals Lesson Plan: Articulating your dreams for your life can help you plan long- and short-term goals that will help you achieve those dreams.

Job Searching Lesson Plan: Finding a first job can be a daunting task for teens.  This lesson plan offers advice for younger teens who can’t get a “real” job yet, as well as older teens.

Money for College Race Lesson Plan:  This lesson plan tests students’ knowledge about different types of financial aid and rewards their knowledge with “money” representative of that financial aid.

College and Career Readiness Jeopardy: You can’t go wrong with this classic game.

Education and Budgeting Lesson Plan: This lesson could be implemented in an hour, or it could be a longer-term project.  Thank you to University of Louisville School Counseling grad students for the idea for this lesson!

Other College and Career Readiness Class Ideas: These are ideas for special but simple college and career readiness-related events.