Wish List

Welcome to our wish list!

We welcome your in-kind donations. If you have any questions and donations, please contact development@americanacc.org.  In-kind donations are tax deductible and we would be happy to send you a tax receipt.

Visit our Amazon Wish List for time-sensitive needs and consider adding an item to your cart next time you make a purchase through Amazon! 

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Below are items we regularly need for programs and participants:


General Program Needs: 

  • first aid kits
  • diapers
  • unscented baby wipes
  • winter coats, hats & gloves
  • gift cards to grocery stores
  • video editing/production software
  • combination locks
  • bike locks and helmets
  • electric or battery-powered drill
  • extension cords
  • 9-volt batteries
  • staple gun
  • lightweight folding tables (6 ft-8ft)

Youth Program Needs: 

  • high quality backpacks
  • ACT/SAT prep materials
  • gift cards  (for incentive and support for teen participants)
  • mechanical pencils & graphite
  • binders
  • flash drives
  • scientific calculators (TI-84, 85, 86)
  • iPads (generation 10+)
  • art supplies (i.e., canvasses, acrylic paint, paint brushes, hot glue guns & hot glue sticks)
  • high quality sports equipment (i.e., basketballs, soccer balls, volley balls & air pumps)

Fiberworks Program Needs: 

  • needles & thread 
  • fabric (any size/color)
  • felt
  • elastic
  • durable sewing machines
  • other sewing materials

Garden Program Needs: 

  • flower & vegetable seeds/seedlings
  • new or gently used garden tools
  • seed starting soil & potting soil
  • heavy duty trash bags (55 gallon)
  • paper yard waste bags
  • 5-gallon buckets

Items We Do NOT Need (and where you can take them)

  • Clothing (except for new or like new winter clothing or athletic shoes)
  • Household items that are not specifically on the list above
  • Purses and other accessories
  • Used toys (except for balls in good condition)

Please take clothing to our neighbor, St. John Vianney Church at 4839 Southside Drive, for their Sitio clothing ministry.  Household items, accessories, and used toys can be taken to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store.  The Goodwill nearest to Americana is at 4840 Dixie Highway.  We appreciate your willingness to donate, and we want to make sure that your donation is able to effectively reach the people who will most benefit from it.