Oretha’s Story

In her journey, through coaching, Oretha Johnson, a Liberian single mother of four daughters, has taken advantage of counseling services, learned interview skills, created a resume, and worked with her children to get them into schools where they can excel. She felt confident that she could leave her meat packaging job, where she had worked since arriving in the United States 10 years before and apply for positions that offered better opportunities. Oretha has built job experience housekeeping in assisted living homes and factory work to become financially independent. The managers in her workplace have come to rely on her consistency and strong work ethic. Oretha has referred several community members to positions in the places she works and all have been hired. She chose powerfully to leave an unsupportive relationship as she developed the confidence to take control of her life. Oretha’s eldest two daughters are now attending college. Her 3rd child, Haja, is an active teen community leader who is  attending the magnate program at Atherton High School. Michelle, her youngest, is now in kindergarten* and has acquired the language comprehension to move out of ESL classes in her elementary school.

*This update is a few years old, so Michelle is now further along in elementary school.