This list is intended to help you narrow down your search to scholarships for which you are most likely to be eligible and that you might have a better chance of winning. You should definitely search for other scholarships, but this list can provide a good starting point. Please note that although the descriptions of each scholarship may describe some of the qualifications for the award, you should visit the provided website or contact the appropriate person to find out all of the requirements and details. It is definitely worthwhile to look through this list and find at least a few scholarships to apply for because you could get FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE!!

Note: There are no deadlines included on this list because deadlines may vary from year to year.  However, the deadlines for most of these awards are between November and May of your senior year, and most of the applications are posted between August and January of your senior year.

Local and State Scholarships: These scholarships are specific to the Louisville Metro area and Kentucky.

School-Specific Scholarships: Perhaps one of the best places to look for scholarships is at the actual colleges you are thinking about attending.

Bellarmine University Scholarships

Berea College Scholarships

Campbellsville University Scholarships

Centre College Scholarships

Eastern Kentucky University Scholarships

Georgetown College Scholarships

Indiana University Southeast Scholarships

Ivy Tech Scholarships

Jefferson Community and Technical College Scholarships

Kentucky State University Scholarships

Morehead State University Scholarships

Murray State University Scholarships

Northern Kentucky University Scholarships

Simmons College Scholarships

Spalding University Scholarships

University of Louisville Scholarships

University of Kentucky Scholarships

University of Pikeville Scholarships

Western Kentucky University Scholarships

National Scholarships: Although these scholarships are more competitive because anyone in the country can apply for them, they are definitely worth looking into.

Federal Grants and Scholarships

Multicultural Scholarships

Scholarships for English Language Learners

Scholarships for Black or African American Students

Scholarships for Asian or Pacific Islander Students

Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Scholarships for Immigrants and Refugees

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Anti-Bullying Scholarships

Scholarships with Religious Affiliations

Miscellaneous National Scholarships