Success Stories

Growing Healthy Food in the Community Garden

Sara, a mother of three young children, has held a plot in the Community Garden at Americana since 2021. She loves to grow squash, beans, pumpkin, and tomatoes, and okra. Her favorite way to prepare her vegetables is to stir fry them. 

Sara has become an important community leader and resource for other gardeners who speak Karen. She provides extra support for the Garden Coordinator to communicate with gardeners who have lower English proficiency, including one gardener who does not read. Sara is gardening in the high tunnel at Americana and has created a trellis network made of twine for her squash plants and bean plants to grow upon.

This is what Sara says about her garden:

“I can grow what I like to eat. It’s more meaningful when you eat what you plant. It’s organic and doesn’t cost a lot of money. I know it is healthy, all natural, and fresh. It makes me feel healthy. It also makes me remember where I am from. I enjoy it, it helps me be happy. I love gardening…

I have the opportunity to enjoy the same things I did in the past. When looking at the plants after pulling all of the weeds, it makes my heart happy. It looks beautiful when it is all tidy and the green beans are hanging from their vine. It’s very peaceful to see that your plants are growing; that they are healthy. It feels good.”

Story shared by Americana’s Garden Coordinator