Success Stories

Youth Mental Health Education

Milo and his family have been a part of Americana for at least the past three years. Before the pandemic, Milo and I had begun to talk about and work on his emotional awarenesscontrol, and overall mindfulness specifically around anger management.

I was quite worried when COVID-19 hit that the work we had done would regress. We had little contact during the pandemic, and it wasn’t until this summer that he reached out. He was very interested in coming back to Americana when we began the in-person summer program to show me how much he had been working on his anger and how much he has changed.

I was impressed and surprised to see how much he had grown! Milo was even helping his brother cope with anger by using techniques we worked on together. 

Now, as one of the older students in the program, Milo has taken on a leadership role.

He rallies students to get involved in mindfulness classes and shows up as an example for other participants. He still has his moments, but it has been amazing to watch him become aware of his behavior and work to change his mindset during these times.

This year, we are focusing on implementing Social and Emotional Learning in our teen group. This includes creating emotional safety plans and opening discussions on awareness, behavior, and mindfulness. Milo has been a main motivator in creating these program changes and has helped lead our teen group to this important step in development.

Story shared by Americana’s Youth Staff Coordinator