Success Stories

A letter of gratitude

Dear Americana,

I want to express our gratitude to the staff of Americana Community Center for all the support that you have given to our family during the past year.

My name is Francisco, I am Honduran, and my family and I immigrated to this country 20 months ago. Like many of the families who came to this country, we went through the difficult process of adaptation while experiencing employment, economic, and health challenges.

We want to express our deep thanks for the support we received across several donations of food, clothing, education through the program for our children, and financial support. All of this has been a tremendous help to cover the necessities that our reduced income made challenging. Earlier this year, we were surprised to receive a call of assistance which brought me to tears.

I am convinced that when we help others, God blesses us in surprising ways. In Honduras, as well as in Guatemala and Nicaragua, the COVID-19 pandemic and both Hurricanes Eta and Iota have resulted in overwhelming needs. In the past few months, in addition to arranging resources for families abroad, I have been able to share a little of my earnings from my new job with these families.

When we first received the donations from Americana, I had been without work for two weeks. The help has been an answer from God to our needs. We thank the generous donors who support this organization and all the volunteers who give their time in service to the community.


Francisco and family

This story was translated from Spanish to English and edited to protect the privacy of the original writer.