Success Stories

Securing housing and employment

Omar is a 32-year-old Ethiopian immigrant who is now a citizen of the US. We have had a long coaching relationship going back to when he was formerly homeless. Omar came to me one day with an eviction court order with the virtual court date in three days. This was due to a lack of payment because of a loss of jobs during the pandemic.

Omar also was experiencing high levels of stress, so I connected him with our onsite therapist to begin counseling.

We attended court that week in which the lawyer for the plaintiff argued he was entitled to immediate judgment because of lack of payment. The court passed the case to be reviewed in two weeks giving us some time to find assistance. During these two weeks, Americana worked with the Louisville Metro Housing authority and they agreed to help with rental assistance.

Luckily, the CDC ordered a moratorium on evictions during this period and we were able to support Omar in writing a formal declaration to the courts to stop his eviction. Though a lawyer working for the landlord argued that our declaration was invalid as the case was filed prior to the CDC order, the judge ultimately sided with Omar and interpreted the CDC order as retroactive.

Omar secured his place of living, has found a new job, and now makes his housing and utility payments.

Story shared by Americana’s Family Coach