Success Stories

Service and friendship

Haja Kamara has worked as a case coordinator at SAFY of Louisville since July 2021. She recently completed her service with the AmeriCorps in 2021. She is bilingual in English and Krio and is dedicated to serving her community through educating community members about the justice system.

Americana has been a part of my family’s life for over ten years,” Haja reflects. “My mom, all three of my sisters, and myself have all been involved in Americana’s programs and classes…

My mom learned English through Americana’s ESL programs, my older sisters wrote their college admissions essays with family coaches. I found my childhood best friend here. I can see my little sister learning valuable things about responsibility and friendship in after-school program. Americana has been an essential part in my educational and personal success.”

Haja continues to be involved in our center and was selected as panelist at Americana’s first annual International Women’s Day Breakfast Briefing in 2022.