Fun, Interesting, and Practical Articles about College Prep

Do you want to learn more about applying for college, acquiring financial aid, or acing the ACT?  Then check out these articles that are as enjoyable to read as articles about applications, money, and standardized tests can be!  If you are trying to complete the teen summer reading program at the Louisville Free Public Library, you can read 5-6 articles, list it as “Americana College Readiness” on your summer reading program log, and count it as the equivalent of one book.  Happy reading!

Applying for College

Janill Briones, “College Prep 101”

Know the basics of getting into college.

Melanie Ortega, “The Great College Application Panic”

It is okay to not know what you want to study in college right away.

Shameka Vincent, “Clueless about College: I waited too long to ask for help and paid a price”

It is important to seek help applying for college when you need it!

Breanna King, “Is College for Me?”

Is it possible to go to college even if you failed to put in enough effort in high school?

Anonymous, “My Immigrant Parents Sacrificed; I Slacked”;_I_Slacked.html?story_id=NYC-2012-01-18

Do you appreciate the sacrifices your parents make for your education?

Margaret Rose Heftler, “The Life of My Dreams: I want my passions, not test scores, to guide my future”

Thinking about the future can be stressful, but it helps you ponder what is important to you in life.

Gabriel Fischer, “Rumor Has It: 5 myths about community college”

Applying to a community college might be a very smart choice, both financially and for your future.

“Community College: A Viable Option”

There are many reasons to go to a community college.

Financial Aid

Lynn O’Shaughnessy, “22 Facts about the FAFSA”

Learn some quick facts about the FAFSA.

Alden Wicker, “9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about…Financial Aid for College”

These are things you probably should know!

GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine

GoodCall is one of the largest databases of scholarships on the web. It requires no personal information and it’s free to use.

Lily Herman, “The Financial Aid Lingo You Need to Know”

Financial aid terms can sound like a different language, but you can learn to understand it.

Margaret Rose Heftler, “Scholarship or Scam?: Don’t get ripped off”

Make sure you know which scholarships are legitimate.

George Edwards, “The Crushing Weight of College Debt: How can you fight back?”

Strike a balance between the necessity of going to college and the burden of student debt.

“15 of the Weirdest College Scholarships in America”

If you can skateboard really well or play the bagpipes, you could get money for college!  Who knew?

Yelena Bosovik, “How I Did It: I applied for 100 college scholarships”

If you are determined to go to college, you can make it happen!

Nancy Fitzgerald, “Financial Aid Horror Stories”

Do your research about financial aid to avoid scary consequences.

Juana Campos, with reporting by Isaura Abreu, “Chasing the DREAM Act”

Children of undocumented immigrants fight for the right to access financial aid for college.

ACT Prep

ACT Online Preparation

Check out the “Free Excerpts from Schmoop’s Online ACT Subject Material” on the bottom of the page for some humorous and helpful ACT prep.

Elizabeth Hoyt, Summer SAT/ACT Prep You Can Do at the Beach

Here are some simple, low-stress ways to keep your mind sharp for the ACT or SAT.

Kelly Roell, “Correct These 5 Mistakes to Improve Your ACT English Score: Improve your ACT score with just a few tricks’

Follow these practical hints to avoid tripping up on the English portion of the ACT.

Kelly Roell, “Raise Your ACT Math Score in 5 Easy Steps: Improve your ACT math score for your next try”

Make sure you are prepared for the math part of the ACT.

Kelly Roell, “Top 5 ACT Reading Strategies: Use these reading strategies to boost your score”

Here are some helpful tips for succeeding on the reading section of the ACT.

Kelly Roell, “4 ACT Science Tricks That Will Boost Your Score: ACT science reasoning help”

You don’t have to be afraid of the science part of the ACT if you remember these pointers!

Kelly Roell, “Improve Your Writing for the ACT Essay: 5 tips to boost that ACT writing score”

No one likes timed essays, but these tips will help you write the best 30-minute essay you possibly can.


If you get tired of college prep articles, check out these novels and magazines recommended by the College Board to improve your reading skills for the ACT and SAT.