College & Career Readiness

The College and Career Readiness Program at Americana Community Center seeks to prepare students to pursue fulfilling, productive, and rewarding opportunities following high school graduation.

If you are a student, parent/guardian, teacher, or counselor, check out the helpful resources below!


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Preparing for College

Why You Should Go to College:  There really are reasons that extra school after high school is worth it.

General Information about College and Career Readiness:  This extensive guide provides lots of useful information on everything from college applications to resume writing to interviewing and more.

Senior Timeline:  It’s one thing to know you want to go to college, but it is necessary to know the steps you need to take to get there.  This timeline outlines the concrete steps that high school seniors need to take to continue on to college.

High School Planner: Use this planner to help you figure out what classes you need to take each year in high school to prepare for college.  The following checklists give more guidance on what you need to do in each grade (and even in middle school!) to be college-ready:

Immigrant Parent Involvement in College Readiness:  If you are a counselor or college coach wanting to involve immigrant parents in the college-going process, here is some information and resources.

Applying to JCPS Middle and High Schools: Students in JCPS have the opportunity to apply to different middle and high schools so that they can go to a school focusing on subjects that interest them.  Here are some tips for applying.


Taking the ACT

ACT Prep Information:  The ACT is really challenging, especially if English is your second, third, or seventh language!  Here are some ideas to help you prepare for the ACT for free.

What to Do with a Low ACT Score: If your ACT score is lower than you would like, do not give up hope!


Building a Résumé

Volunteering Ideas:  Volunteering looks really good on resumes and applications, so here are some ideas for getting connected with volunteer opportunities.

Websites for Teen JobsIMG_1133:  A part-time job also looks good on a resume AND gives you the opportunity to earn some extra cash.  Check out these websites to search for jobs.

Career Resources:  Louisville has a lot of free and cheap resources for people looking to prepare for a career, improve their job skills, or even start their own business.


Choosing a College

College Comparison Sheet: When you are choosing colleges to apply to, use this sheet to gather information about the colleges.

College Evaluation: This sheet can help you gather important information about a single college to help you decide if it is a good fit for you.

College Summer Camp Programs: Summer camp programs at colleges are a fantastic way to get a taste of college life while you are still in high school.  All of the camps on this list are free and have a special application process.


Applying for College

How to Write about You–A Guide to Writing Application Essays: This guide is adapted from an article written by a successful Bioengineering PhD candidate.  Following are some examples of essays that other students wrote in order to be awarded scholarships or acceptance into college.


Financial Aid for College

Affording the College You Want to Go to: College is definitely expensive, but it is possible to make it affordable with a combination of grants and scholarships.

FAFSA Tips: If you have questions about how to do the FAFSA, check out this guide, which contains information specific to immigrant students.



Going to College

IMG_4807Going to JCTC: JCTC is a good college option for students in Louisville, and this document explains the process for applying to and enrolling in the college.

College Access for Undocumented Students:  If you are an undocumented student, you CAN go to college!  Here are some tips to help you access higher education.

How to Write a Research Paper:  If you are in high school or going to college, you will have to be able to write a research paper.  This guide walks you through the process step by step, and the following samples give an illustration of what the process and finished product might look like.

  • Research Paper Outline Sample:  An outline for a research paper does not need to be fancy or incredibly organized, but you do need to collect your research and thoughts before you begin writing.  Honestly, this should be more than half of the process!
  • Research Paper Sample:  Here is a short sample research paper with notes about how it is written.



If you do a Google search for scholarships, the results can be overwhelming!  There are a ton of scholarships out there. Here is a list to get you started.


Lesson Plans:

Many curriculum about college and career readiness seem (to put it nicely) quite boring. Here are some more exciting ideas for incorporating college and career readiness into your middle and high school lesson plans!