"Our services enable people to realize their individual potential, build strong families, and create a healthy & supportive community for all."

98 Countries. 36 Zip Codes. 1 Community Center

About Us

Americana Community Center strives to provide a spectrum of services to the diverse individuals and families of the Louisville Metro area, including refugees, immigrants, and those born in the U.S. These services enable people to realize their individual potential, build strong families, and create a healthy & supportive community for all.


We depend on your donation to continue providing these programs. Please support the people we serve and the community we all share.

An investment in Americana is an investment in our community. Americana provides vital services to children, families, and individuals from across the Louisville metro area. Our programs contribute to a better Louisville for all residents. We serve people from 96 nations and 36 local zip codes. Our programs help families realize their potential and build their capacity for success in all aspects of life.

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